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Density meter

  • Powder True Density Densitometer
Powder True Density Densitometer

Powder True Density Densitometer

  • Model: MDJ-300T/HTD-120FM
  • Max Weight;300g 120g
  • Density Precision;0.001g/cm³ 0.0001g/cm³
  • Density range; 0.001-99.999g/cm3 0.0001-99.9999g/cm3
  • Product description: Powder True Density Densitometer


Vulcanized rubber, Non-foam plastic, Carbon true density, True density of rock or coal, Pitch coke true density,Abrasive materials true density, Pigment density, Solid and half-solid asphalt density, Cement powder, Refractory materials,Ceramic, Natural stone, Water-coal-slurry density, Carbon materials true density by using boiling method, Soil true density,Ion resin wet true density, Powder true density research laboratory.



According to the standards of GB/T533-A, GB/T1033.1, GB/T6155, GB/T23561, YB/T5300,JB/T7984.3, GB/T 1713, GB/T8929, GB/T1713, GB/T208, GB/T5071, QB/T1010, GB/T9966, GB/T18856,GB/T24203, GB/T8330, SL-237, and by adopting the immersed volume displacement method of Archimedes principle,and cooperated with pycnometer, it can show the measuring result directly.


Technical parameter

Model No.



Max Weight



Density Precision



Density range



Measuring Time

About 60 seconds

Parameters Setting

The upper and lower limits of density setting

Solution compensation setting





1. Direct reading of any powder, density of powder, relative density.

2. Simple operation, high precision and good repeatability.

3. Temperature compensation setting, solution compensation setting, more user-friendly operation, more in line with on-site operation requirements

4. It has the function of upper and lower density, which can determine whether the specific gravity of the object to be tested is qualified or not. Buzzer device

5. With RS-232C computer interface, easy to connect PC and printer

5. Built-in battery, more suitable for field test


Measuring steps

1. Put the container on the weighing platform first, press the key -0-to make it zero.

2. Put the sample into the container, and then put the container on the weighing platform, press the key MEMORY for memorizing (Enter).

3. Fill the Pycnometer with liquid and put it on the weighing platform together with sample, press the key MEMORY for memorizing (Enter)

4. Pour part of the liquid out from pycnometer, then pour the sample into the pycnometer completely, and then fill the pycnometer with liquid, put it on the weighing platform with container, press the key MEMORY for memorizing (Enter).

5. The sample density will be showed directly.

Standard accessories

1 hydrometer main unit

2 special pycnometer

3 50CC beaker

4 powder special spoon